Saturday, June 14, 2014


I spent more than 3 hours in the zoo. I had to stick to the zoo map all the time just to make sure I knew my direction well and to avoid going to the same spot twice. 

a koala in Tokyo

orangutan's playing ground

snow leopard

red panda

bamboo forest

education cum information centre

the zoo souvenir shop

it was time to leave

By Looking at the size of the place and the collection of the animals, I am sure that a lot of money has been spent to develop and maintain the zoo. A zoo, similar to a museum, should be an educational place for people to observe and learn something new. The developed countries have gone all out to come up with the best zoos and local people flock these places, not only foreigners and tourists. Not so many people are lucky enough to have the chance to travel to other countries to see the animals in their original habitat. So if people cannot go to the animals, bring the animals to the people. For education sake, a lot of money will have to be spent but at least many will benefit from it.

I was glad I went to Tama Zoo. I think I should make it a point to visit the zoo when I travel abroad next time to add to the list of zoos visited. So far, other than Tokyo, I had been to the zoos in Singapore, Toronto, Beijing and Doha, and I had enjoyed myself tremendously. In fact, I am planning to take my students to Singapore Zoo again this year.