Sunday, June 22, 2014


[DAY 3] 4th June 2014 ~ At the entrance of Sensoji Temple, there were rows of shops selling souvenirs and local food. I think the shopping street was more attractive to tourists than the temple based on the number of people, local and foreigners alike, flocking the shops and the time they spent looking at the goods sold.

There were varieties of items to choose from like key chains, fridge magnets, ceramic, umbrellas and slippers. Anyway, if you are looking for authentic Japanese products to bring back home then you have to check as many of things here were made in China, which was not something new actually. There were also many shops selling local food like the cookies, freshly baked and hot from the oven and the smell was so good. I was not sure whether it was "halal" or not, so I just had to let it go.

For the first time, I could not do any bargaining activities here. The shopkeepers had very limited vocabulary so conversation was really minimal. After doing the business there, they should possess some basic English conversational skills so I just hope that they genuinely did not know much English and not to pretend in order to avoid any bargaining from taking place. (Even people in the market in Beijing and Istanbul could speak a little Malay language.)

Visitors should be ready to spend more here as the prices were quite high. For example, to buy a piece of key chain or fridge magnet, you will have to pay about ¥350 which was about RM11. That could be one reason my luggage from Tokyo weighed only 11 kilogrammes.

Tokyo Skytree from a distance

umbrella shop

At least you could get a lot of things here to take back home to your loved ones which could save your time hunting for souvenirs. I am not sure whether there are other places where people could get souvenirs in Tokyo, or get them at lower prices.