Thursday, June 26, 2014


[DAY 3] 4th June 2014 ~ My second eating out experience in Tokyo happened in a sushi restaurant somewhere near Tamasakai Station. I was greeted by two of Miss Dyana's friends, Ija and Muna, who are also currently studying at Tokyo Metropolitan University.

I am not a sushi fan actually. I had eaten sushi once, and that was given by a student who bought it from a supermarket and it was not something that I really fancied. So this was my first time eating in a real sushi restaurant, I had to do this since I was already in Japan. Of course, Miss Dyana did the ordering and I forewarned her not to order too much in fear of me not being able to finish the food.

So I had these 3 plates of sushi which consisted of fish, crab and eel. I had also never eaten the meat of an eel before but there would always be "my first time" moment. I was sure these girls would not choose something that tasted horrible for me so it was definitely not an episode from "Fear Factor". And I must say the sushi was surprisingly delicious, especially the eel. It tasted like fried catfish: crispy outside, juicy inside.

Thanks a lot for the sushi session and I was happy to get to know fellow Malaysians in Tokyo.  

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