Monday, June 30, 2014


I found my fridge magnets collection had grown bigger. The last time I did some work on my collection was in October 2012. Therefore, something had to be done about the expanding number of these small pieces of collectibles. 

Some of the magnets were given to me by friends and some were bought during my holiday trips but I did not start this hobby actually.

When I ran out of space, I had no choice but to put the magnets on my metal CPU casing.

To solve the problem, a bigger white board was bought and put on the wall.

One problem with fridge magnets is they accumulate dust over time. That is why I don't put the magnets on the fridge, where they belong to originally. It would be good to clean them once in while so they look brighter.

Some maintenance work also had to be done. A few of these magnets were just to heavy and needed more magnets so they would not drop when put on the board.

And after all the hard work, I guess I still need another white board for my collection in a few more months. I have to tell myself not to buy more fridge magnets in the future (as if that is going to happen).

I still have a hobby ( or hobbies) at this age. It is quite sad to read some young people's posts of FB saying they are bored and have nothing to do. This could be something I could write later.