Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Right after the Royal Ontario Museum, we walked straight to the CN Tower - a prominent landmark of the city. After consulting Mr. Google, I found out that CN actually stands for Canadian National which was the railway company that built the tower. (Why did a railway company want to build a communication tower in the first place?) Other fact that I discovered is CN Tower is the TALLEST communication tower in the world and do you know that KL Tower ranks the fifth?


Once we were up there in the tower, the major activity was to observe Toronto and its surrounding area from about 500 metres above the ground. The evening was still cloudy and the view would be much better if seen during a bright sunny day.

On one part of the floor, there were these transparent pieces of material (or was it glass?)where you could peep through and see the view down under. People were crowding this area just to experience the thrill of being able not to fall down to the ground from such a great height.

There were also other activities that you could try. We went to the movie theatre to watch "Himalamazon" and were strapped in for a roller coaster ride through the Himalaya and Amazon (I think). However, the most challenging thing that you could do here is to pay for EdgeWalk - something that I would never do. I do not want to pay just to get myself killed.

image copied from CN Tower website

camwhoring once in a while but no pouting lips
taking a breather
I think I need to go to the Kuala Lumpur Tower soon, other than the Butterfly Park. 

Here is a video of the trip going down the tower in its high speed lift/elevator. It was fast, real fast.