Thursday, October 18, 2018


9TH SEPTEMBER 2018 ~ When the North-South Highway was not yet in existence, traveling from one place to another would take a long time. For example, from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur would take 5- 6 hours on an express bus. Due to its strategic location, Ayer Hitam in Kluang was once a very busy transit point for vehicles traveling from south to north, vice versa, as every traveler must pass by this town. People would alight from the cars, buses or lorries, for meals or toilet breaks, or to buy items sold at the stalls. There were many Chinese ladies walking around carrying and selling vegetables to people stopping by.

Ayer Hitam is now however not as popular as it used to be. Nevertheless, there were still people who would divert out of the highway just to stop and see what the town has to offer. When I was there a month before, the place was buzzing with activities. There were many people and business seemed to be thriving well. I would always stop for local fruits and traditional snacks as there would be more choices. Another reason for me to go there is to get flower pots from a ceramic factory which is not that far from the business centre - another reason the place is famous for.

Being in Ayer Hitam town always brings back nostalgic moments - the time when I had to travel with my parents in the cars driven by my father, or the era when I had become more independent - going on bus trips on my own to school and college, and home for term/semester breaks.

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