Friday, June 25, 2010


For the second time, Puan Hayati had successfully driven ourselves to yet another historic destination, i.e. the University of Oxford in Oxford City (or is it Oxfordshire?). Definitely an initiation into the world of the intellectuals as far as Oxford was concerned, we roamed the roads of Oxford, only without the robes and mortar boards.

The university buildings were scattered all around the place so you could simply walk around. That was the reason why I did not study here, the crowd would be too distracting. The place was flocked with people but I think most of them were tourists. I was too impressed with its ancient architecture that I did not pay much attention to our whereabouts. Another perfect setting for epic movies like Harry Potter and Lords of the Rings. You would at times look up into the sky and wish for witches to be flying away on their broomsticks.

The tourist and tourist guide

genius poses alike

the only place I can never be wrong, Oxford Market

The next time I post more pictures of Oxford, I will try to do some research and label them. If I have the time, that is.

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