Sunday, June 27, 2010


Right after things had been settled in Malaysia Hall, it was time to explore a bit of London on my own, at least the places nearby. Then I discovered the Kensington Garden, it had only a small entrance at Bayswater Street. However, once I was inside there, the place was really alive with people and their activities.

The weather was good, a bright shiny afternoon with slightly cold wind, people were there in the garden - sitting on the grass in pairs or groups or sitting on the benches, walking and walking their dogs, jogging, cycling, skateboarding, rollerboarding, feeding the birds, ducks or squirrels, and playing games such as football and rounders.

Kensington Palace
I first thought it was just a park but Kensington Garden had just too many things to see. I spent about three hours just walking around and seeing a lot of breathtaking and colourful things.

Royal Albert Hall

Albert Memorial

colourful flowers in the background

Diana, Princess of Wales, Memorial Fountain

Peter Pan

Physical Energy Sculpture by G.F. Watts

I really had to stop strangers in the middle of the roads to ask them to take pictures of me, and not a single soul said "no" to my humble request. The moral of the story: get a tripod when you are travelling alone. It was a great walk in the park during summer and I was already feeling like an Englishman but the next day, there would be more walking to be done.