Wednesday, June 30, 2010


students busy completing the task

I was invited for another SPM seminar organized by JHEOA (the Department of Indigenous People Affair) which was held in Kluang. As it was held at night and accommodation was available, so I asked Mr. Amin Ahmad to tag along. By the way, the students did not look like the indigenous. Perhaps after many generations, even the physical looks have changed.

the guest house
the facilities

The guest house was not that bad. It could actually accommodate 4 people, with air-conditioners, hot shower and the most important thing, a television set. We could only spend a short time there as we needed to start early the next morning so we could catch more bird with one stone.

The first stop on that Sunday morning was Hutan Lipur Gunung Lambak - a recreation centre located at the foot of Lambak Mountain. There were chalets and walking treks up the mountain, with greenery of tall trees of the forest all around. There were many elderly doing their morning walk and I could see a few bringing down water containers down so I guessed they must have filled them from a water spring somewhere. We were not properly attired for that kind of activity so we could not go further up. I wish one day I would come back and take this road not yet taken.

The next stop was the Kluang Railway Station. We were not there to catch any train though but to get our morning cup of coffee.

Well-known as the must visit eating place in Kluang, was the Kluang Rail Coffee Shop. It was so famous that the shop was featured many many times on television and some sort of an attraction to the locals and visitors alike. This shop has also been franchised and you can find one of its branches in Plaza Kotaraya JB.

When we arrived, there were people of different walks of life, either for their morning coffee or late breakfast. You had to come here at the right time or else you had to wait for your turn looking for an empty seat. The nasi lemak was selling hot and everybody seemed to be eating it.

We ordered iced-coffee, toast and half-boiled eggs. If you ask me, I think the food is just the same or may be I am not much of a coffee drinker so I could not really appreciate my drinks. The toast was a bit different because the they used the sweet buns that were filled with kaya (a local kind of coconut jam) that was soft in the inside and a bit crispy at the outside. People only come here only in the morning and evening as the shop only caters for breakfast and coffee or tea breaks.

Believe it or not, I even went to attend a wedding reception in Kampung Melayu Kluang after watching a movie in Kluang town. The event actually was hosted by Mr. Amin's family friend so I just went to eat lunch before heading back home.

All in all, I had successfully killed many birds in one stone just in two days in Kluang.