Tuesday, June 1, 2010


A special lunch was held at the canteen to bid farewell to the teachers taking optional retirement and transferring to new schools.

with Mr. Sa'at and Mr. Sabri

One of the retirees is Puan Salmi Abd. Rahman. She was in SMKTUN for quite a long time and was in the afternoon session before she chose to teach the special education classes. One of the difficult moments that we had to go through was when we had to face these parents who insisted to put his son (that we all believed required special education) in a normal class and yet demanded special attention. The matter was brought up to the State Education Office and officers even visited the school to get the view from the teachers' side when complaints were made by the parents to express their dissatisfaction.

Pn. Hanan Hamzah is one of the teachers teaching Islamic Education and Arab Language. She has been here for three years and she has to go to Putrajaya as her husband is transferred there. I know her as a very hardworking person. She had been working with the nasyid group and this year the boys won the competition at district level and went to compete at the state level. She really trained them days and nights, yes - they even came to school for training at night which I believe not many are willing to do. So now, we are without a nasyid trainer and I am not sure how the group is going to survive in the future.

Another retiree is Puan Monaliza Ismail. She is one of teacher pioneers of the school and she said "we were together during the hard time". Before teaching the special education class, she was the Resource Centre teacher adviser and a bubbly and friendly person around.

The other two teachers transferring are Puan Nang Khairul and Puan Wan Maznah. So we bid farewell to all of them. Out of sight but hopefully not out of mind. Well, I still have a long way to go before my retirement day will come and I keep wondering what I will be doing when I don't have to go to school anymore. Okay, let me stop writing and let my mind wonder for a while.