Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The last time we met could be during our graduation in 1993. So we made this effort (actually, Mr. Faizam's effort of driving) to meet up an old friend, Puan Nurhanim Hassan, in Leeds which was about a 3 hours journey from Coventry. Puan Hanim is also doing her PhD in the UK, and all the family members were with her too.

"Pau" from Leeds, before and after

It was definitely a merry gathering even though it involved only three chatterboxes with two husbands to join in. We had a great time, what more with Puan Hanim displaying her skills in preparing "pau" (something like dumplings) fresh from the dough bowl straight to the dining table, for tea after the delicious "mee sup".

one only one cook, the rest were observers and commentators

with my two friends and their husbands

All good things must come to an end. So it was just a short meeting but we did hope to meet again, most probably in our motherland, Malaysia, next time. It was unimaginable at times to think we were to meet in such a faraway land but not here. And we were just reconnected by Facebook. So, thanks again FB.

The residential area

Thanks again Hanim, and the husband, Mr. Mashur, for the warm reception. Hope there will be a next time.