Monday, June 28, 2010


Everything had already been packed for home but I still had a few more hours before taking the train to the airport. At the same time, an ex-student who is now studying in Bath, Mr. Aminuddin Shahrom, was coming over to meet me. The good news was that at last I had an official photographer.

Madame Tussaud is a museum famous for its collections of wax figures of famous people. It is some sort of a must visit for tourists to London, and the entrance fee is GBP26 which sounds quite costly if you convert the currency to our local rate but it is worth the money spent.

surrounded by Hollywood superstars

with literary figures, dignitary and scientist

football stars

It was a large collection of wax statues but I had not that much time to spend there so I had to be selective with whom I would like to be photographed. Some figures were too popular that we had to wait for our turns while a few were not getting any attention from the public. Other than the statues, there was also a scary dungeon that you walk through to see how punishment was carried out in the past. It was like a ghost house, with dark tunnel, sounds of people screaming and crying and real people pretending to be the prisoners scaring you. Then, there was this ride on black moving cars illustrating the history of London. We had something like that it Petrosains KLCC.

with Mr. Aminuddin

at Liverpool Station, before we parted our ways

Thanks to Mr. Aminuddin for taking the photograph and accompanying me on my last day in London. Not to forget, for helping to carry my 24.8 kg luggage bag up and down the tube stairs until we reached Liverpool Station.

So I guess that's all, a long ten days away from home, and school. Surprisingly, I had been to quite a few spots and the more exciting thing was to be able to meet a few people, friends and an ex-student. Now I should be planning for my next trip, and perhaps start saving money too. I will post more beautiful pictures later, but I am missing UK and Germany already.