Sunday, June 13, 2010


I am already back in Coventry after a two nights stay in German. Too many photos to upload and too many stories to tell, I will take a lot of time to write. So I will try my very best to post things that do not require a lot of narration.

Arriving at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bietz, I was already mesmerized not only by its serene surrounding but also by the beautiful architecture. Based on the address, the village is situated is Sorsum, Hildesheim. The roads are small, the cars occupying them are just a few and other than houses, there will be a vast land of green farm, thick and lush plain green field or sometimes adorned with red or yellow wild flowers.

The house was built in an area which actually consists of a few buildings with different designs altogether.

The most interesting fact about this place is that one of the original buildings was actually a monastery. You can even see the part of its original wall still standing strong and the building has been converted into houses for people to stay.

If heaven is a place on earth, then this could a piece of heaven that I had experienced.