Saturday, December 24, 2011


17th DECEMBER ~ A gathering for a group of UPM TESL class of '93 was called again for one good reason: we wanted to meet our lecturer, Dr. Fauziah Hassan, who was not in a good state of health. This time around, ten friends managed to stay for lunch (or brunch) and then later for tea at two different places in Alamanda, Putrajaya.


This was an Arab restaurant that served Arab food with beautiful and colourful interior decor. We managed to get a separated room from the main dining hall so the other customers would not be disturbed by our voices and laughter that lasted for about three hours.

The discussion this time was more exciting as we had a lecturer present so the stories came from different perspectives. As usual, there was never a dull moment but we had to move away to other place to avoid being shooed away by the restaurant staff.


We then adjourned to Secret Recipe nearby for dessert and the conversation just continued naturally. Once everybody felt that they could neither eat nor drink anything anymore then only we called it a day. It was sure a great time spent together with old friends (and a lecturer} and the most important thing, we had made Dr. Fauziah happier and hopefully, healthier.


As I still had a lot of time [I still had not bought my ticket back home yet], Puan Rozana Sani who had been ferrying me around, was kind enough to drop Puan Hayati at her doorstep as the house was just nearby. We stopped for a while to have a look at the things that were put on sale. Actually, she and her husband had a big collection of things bought in the UK when she was studying there and now they are selling them at reasonable and negotiable prices. The items varied from shoes to cartoon character figurines, fine china to books, chess sets to jigsaw puzzles. If you are interested in these kind of things, you can always contact me.

It was a successful gathering even though it was only planned in a short period of time. Thanks to Facebook, and sms services too. It is amazing how I get to meet a few of my old friends quite regularly and that was like the fourth meeting for me this year. As usual, I would like to thank Puan Aliza Alwi for all the moderator's job well done, Puan Rozana Sani for her kindness to pick me up and send me back to TBS, and each and everyone of you who had been there: Mr. Ridwan Wahid, Pn. Hazlina Aziz, Pn. Maslinda Mohd. Dahalan, Pn. Suzanni Amin Leembruggen, Pn. Salmiah Mohd. Ghazali, Pn. Hayati Ismail and Ms. Jashireen Mohd. Bashir. And not forgetting our beloved lecturer, Dr. Fauziah Hassan, who had taken the trouble to come to Alamanda [the original plan was to visit her at her house] and we will always pray for your good health and maybe we can meet again some other time.