Saturday, December 24, 2011


This was one of the movies I watched last week with a friend in a movie marathon session. The hunger for action movies is just insatiable. So off we went to see Ethan Hunt make everything impossible become possible. This time Agent Hunt was framed by the enemy of the USA as the Russians believed that he was the one who had bombed Kremlin, and thus triggered the possible nuclear war between the two countries again.

From here the running action started - I never know the Police Sentry game I used to play when I was younger could be that that thrilling The usual "I catch you, you catch me; I shoot you, you shoot me" session progressed right until the end. I wonder whether a person like Agent Hunt really exist in the real world. People could simply get hurt just by slipping on the floor, what more after jumping off from a building. I am sure many people are hoping the same kind of thing could happen to them - an exciting job that could take you all around the world.

As usual, in the end, the good must overcome the evil. Even though the ending was predictable, this was a fun movie to watch. The moral of the story: physical strength alone is not enough - you still need smart phones, tablets and many other IT gadgets to accomplish any mission.

And look what I have found on YouTube. It is not wrong I hope to embed this in my blog. Tom Cruise did climb a real building after all. Go watch this on the big screen for better effects and it should be alright as the level of violence is still tolerable for young people [and there is no sex scene which is rare for an American movie].

Now I have to go see Burj' Al Khalifa in Dubai. Dang!