Saturday, December 17, 2011


One more posting, I am done with my Beijing trip. So let's look at the remaining images of the fifth day of the stay there.

the Beijing Tower [I think] from the coach window

blood donating campaign bus outside the zoo

a Chinese nurse on duty at the blood donation bus

a beautiful leafless tree outside the zoo

the restaurant that served the best food (in my opinion)
an indication to know whether the restaurant served halal food is by looking at the signboard which should be green in colour and sometimes with Arabic calligraphy

the Muslim street

an old woman beggar outside the mosque
just imagine how she had to sit begging in the cold winter [mode: sad]

an Islamic elementary school

outside the Muslim supermarket

people queuing up for halal meat

I was not sure why the people were queuing up
any translator who can help?

halal cakes on sale in the supermarket

old but still useful