Saturday, December 10, 2011


Nan Dou Ya Mosque was the second mosque visited. It was a big complex that housed several buildings and the main prayer hall which possessed the same traditional Chinese architecture.

There were people who were cleaning parts of a lamb/goat that had just been slaughtered in an adjoining area. I was not sure whether it was for the butchery nearby or for any event at the mosque. According to the tourist guide someone had just passed away then maybe the meat would be cooked to serve the people visiting. But it could also be for the coming maal hijrah [the first day of a new Islam/Hijri year] the very next day.

There was also a butchery, selling halal meat to the Muslims. It was a good idea to provide this kind of service to the minority group around.

It was always a pleasure to get the opportunity to visit the mosque in a foreign land. The feeling was just - indescribable.