Thursday, December 1, 2011


A must visit site to Beijing is none other than the Great Wall of China. We were there to observe the beauty of the mountainous area, the great architecture of the ancient people as well as as to walk up the steps of the brave and strong warriors of the past.

We were actually at a very short stretch of the long walls. However, looking at the magnificent structure, one might wonder, how technology of the past could still be preserved and tell the history of China to the present generation.

ain't no mountain high enough...
The winter morning was VERY cold and foggy. We had to walk up the hilly area slowly and there were a lot of people there too. There was a tower [look at the picture above] and that would be the nearest checkpoint that Syazwan and I had tried to reach during the short stop there.

And determination was the key to success.

Great view. Great experience. To be standing in one of the great wonders of the modern world was just great.