Monday, December 19, 2011


Finally, we had come to the last day of our stay in Beijing and it was time to say "goodbye". The journey home started real early in the morning as all the luggage had to be in the coaster before 7:30 a.m. Initially, the coaster would take all our things to Tianjin while the tourists would be taken on a bullet train ride without the luggage to bother. Unfortunately, that morning, there was a very heavy fog so the highway was closed and the original plan had to be cancelled. We had to travel on the bullet train with our big and bulky bags but the main worry was how to do that with many bags and small children tagging along at the same time.

So off we went to this impressive and modern bullet train terminal. Even the staff who were on duty were dressed like air-stewardess. The train just started its service by the end of June this year so everything was still brand new.

A park in the station

And the best part of it was when suddenly the chief staff (I supposed) approached us and to our relief, all the luggage was then taken by other station crew members on trolleys and sent to the train. Not only that, before departure time while the local passengers had to queue up to bard the train, our group was given special treatment to go down to the platform first like VIPs. With this kind of service given to tourists, I would not hesitate to come again next time.

free mineral water for everybody

all the bags in the background belonged to our group

the fastest speed of the train recorded
a souvenir bought on the train

The Beijing-Tianjin which supposedly took 1 hour and a half on a normal road was cut short to only 45 minutes. Oh how we wished the train ride could be longer. Another life's memorable moment had happened but it happened too fast, just too fast.