Friday, December 16, 2011


This was the final compulsory shop/factory. The session was more interactive and we were introduced to tea drinking culture among the Chinese. We were served with variety of hot Chinese tea like the Black and Oolong tea. At the same time, we were also told how men and women should hold the small tea cup differently. If a man holds the cup, like a woman, he is then half man, half woman. Oops!

the beautiful wallpaper

tea sets on sale

However, in the end, we did not even buy a single tea leaves. The prices were too high in the first place and we do not think tea that much. I was sure there was still a lot of stock at home. However, we opted out for something fancier - the magic mugs which could be taken home as souvenirs. Hopefully, we did not disappoint the salesgirls and the tourist guide. [We believed that the tourist guide was given commission for anything bought from the places visited]

Two excited boys experimenting with the magic mug in the hotel room :)

[sorry I do not know how to rotate the video to the horizontal position]