Sunday, December 4, 2011


... and the saga of the love between a human being and a vampire continues, after "Twilight", "New Moon" and "Eclipse". I can't believe it, I have been an avid follower.

In short, the storyline goes something like this: (1) Edward and Bella got married. (2) They went for a honeymoon trip and surprise, surprise... Bella got pregnant which should not have happened. (3) Jacob got very sad because the baby vampire should be a threat to the human as well as to the wolf community. (4) The werewolves had to get the baby but because of Jacob's true love to Bella (stupid wolf) he would protect her, even by risking his own life. (5) Bella got very sick because the baby was eating her up from inside and one way to get Bella feel better was by drinking human blood from a paper cup complete with a cover and a straw (euwwww...) (6) THIS PART IS CENSORED IN OUR MALAYSIAN CINEMA: Bella was about to give birth and she had to go through a very painful moment and would die after all. Edward had to kill her, most probably to ease her pain and to save the baby. (7) The beautiful baby was saved though and Bella was declared dead, sad isn't it? (8) Jacob had to kill the baby and as he was about to do that, he saw the look on the baby's face that reminded him of Bella and this melted his heart, so couldn't do it after all. (8) Suddenly, something happened, Bella who was lying dead opened her eyes which were now red so she was now confirmed a vampire, just like Edward. And to be continued in Part 2 which will be in 2012. Dang! Now I have to wait. Can't they just compress everything into a 3-hour movie?