Sunday, December 25, 2011


I don't really go watch Malay movies. However, the main reason I went to watch this one was because I was very much influenced by my friends' discussions in one of my FB accounts and the other one is, I wanted to see Maya Karin['s superb acting]. The movie had been rated wrongly in my opinion, it should NOT be classified as [U] because there were scenes which were not suitable for young viewers actually especially in the earlier parts.

An adaptation from the novel of the same title , I must admit it was a good movie. [TAGLINE: Support our local movie industry, if the movie gets good review]. It was a story of a love triangle among a husband, the first and second wife. The first marriage was supposed to be a marriage of convenience and meant to be a secret - but it was then filled with true love. The second one was a forced arrangement, and the conflict started. What do you expect from of a Malay story? I don't want to elaborate as I believe you either have watched the movie too or you will be able to watch this movie on television during Hari Raya next year.

And after watching then only I understood, why many women cried at the end of the movie. They had been empathizing with the two women characters who had been the victims of the male protagonist. In conclusion, there is no such thing as sharing is caring in a Malay drama, and perhaps in real life.

I read the newspaper today stating the collection of this film has exceeded RM11 MILLION already which should be an achievement for a local movie. Kudos to those who were involved in the film, and also the actors and actresses: Aaron Aziz, Maya Karin and Lisa Surihani [she is marrying Yusry Abd. Halim in February, by the way]. But I like the beautiful pictures of the sea and the paddy field the most so please continue on making beautiful pictures with beautiful stories for the women out there.