Saturday, December 3, 2011


25th NOVEMBER ~ The first day was cold. The second day at the Great Wall of China was colder but the third day when we were at Tiannamen Square was the coldest. Nevertheless, there were a lot of people around, I wondered where they came from. For sure, they were the local Chinese visiting the capital city or they could be just people walking to their work place.

For one thing, there were always the street vendors selling all sorts of things at the tourists' spots. They could be stationary or they could be chasing after you trying to sell whatever things they had with them. The best thing you could do was just to say "pu, pu", smiled and ran away.

Tiananmen Square is a significant place in Beijing. It is historical in a way and one of the most memorable events was the pro-democracy rally which was held in 1989 by university students. Hundreds of protestors were believed to be shot dead at this very spot at that time.

One of the two large TV screens that could be found at the Square

Miss Yang who was trying hard to tell us the story of the Square and the buildings surrounding it.

This place is actually the third largest city square in the world. We could not hang around too long as we had to make our way to another place of interest just opposite.