Tuesday, December 13, 2011


On the second last in day in Beijing, we were taken to the Beijing Zoo. We were first told that we were about to see panda so I thought it was just a sanctuary for panda but it was actually a real zoo.

The pandas were housed in a special building. Firstly, we observed the furry animals through a glass cage but not much can be seen as the pandas were real shy (and lazy) mammals. At the same time, the excited visitors were trying to get the best view and blocking the others' view of the pandas. Most of the time, we could just see their backsides. And there were only three (shy and lazy) pandas on display.

fake pandas - in abundance

real pandas - only three of them

Finally, managed to get a panda in the background

Nevertheless, there were doors that could get the panda out of the cage into the open. So we managed to watch the pandas' activities outside but they looked quite reluctant as to be watched by the public because after short time, the pandas were asking the keeper to let them back into the sanctuary. [Please watch the video of the pandas recorded in the previous posting]

a white tiger basking in the sun
There were not many animals though. It could be either the zoo was just a small one or we did not have much time to explore. Considering the fact that Beijing experiences the four seasons, I don't think the animals from the tropical countries can survive here, but I could be wrong. I should have chosen veterinary science *sigh* and become a veterinarian.

Australian-style restaurant in the middle of the zoo

It was a beautiful place to hang out but not definitely in winter. I don't mind coming back here (during other season) just to see the panda again. It is one of the images of China that will always stay in my mind.