Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This was the third and last mosque visited in Beijing. Based on my findings from Wikipedia, Niujie Mosque is the oldest and biggest mosque in this city. [One good thing of blogging is I have to do a bit of research on my own when I am not sure of certain things.] It was first built in the year 996, meaning that it is already more than 1000 years old. It is also situated in a place where the largest Muslims population are residing in Beijing.

At first glance, with its traditional Chinese architecture and the choice of colours, one might not recognize this place as mosque. However, once inside, you would be welcomed to the house of the Almighty Allah as if you were at the comfort of your own home.

the elderly basking under the sun

got ourselves photographed with the local Muslims at the mosque

The design of the mosques in Beijing (or in China) is something you will not see anywhere else. However, if you have seen a mosque in Melaka by the name Tengkera Mosque (picture below), you will find that there are similarities with the structure of the mosques in Beijing, especially the pagoda-shaped tower and the roof. So what can you infer from this? Now I have to google for some more information.

[picture taken from Arkib Negara website, I think]