Saturday, December 10, 2011


The visit to Beijing is not complete without stopping at this modern architecture wonder - the bird's nest, without the bird in sight. I watched a National Geographic documentary about this mega structure. A complicated piece of art to build for the 2008 Beijing Olympic, this is an important symbol of the Chinese government and people in accomplishing of something that looked impossible at first.

The morning was still foggy (and cold) so the images seen from the camera lens were not that clear. We could only observe from far. It would be much better if we could go nearer to one of the world's famous landmarks.

The building behind was the Blue Cube, another fantastic invention for the venue of the aquatic events for the Olympic. Its walls were actually made of some kind of plastic and filled with water that illuminates or glows at night. It should look like the picture below at night.

The picture was taken from a middle of a road actually but only a few vehicles were seen using it. The high rise building in the background, with a head of a dragon, is the IBM building. You can see it better during a bright day light like the picture below.

It was a very huge place. You might need some time to walk from one end to the other. Another place where people should have spent more time admiring the beauty of humans' intelligence and creativity.