Wednesday, February 1, 2012


love at first sight - upon arrival

I was lucky enough that we managed to stop at this majestic building to perform the Maghrib and Isya' prayers. According to my friend, Mr. Razib, he had been here a few times but the mosque was not opened.

ablution room

the main hall

According to THIS SITE, the State Mosque of Qatar is now known as Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab Mosque and was only officially opened about one month ago.

beautiful chandeliers everywhere

It was already dark so we had no time to explore the surrounding area. However, from my limited observation of the mosque, everything was spectacular. I just loved the many chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, not only in the main praying hall but also in the foyer of the mosque, that lit up and gave a life to the whole building.

view of Doha city when the sky was not that dark yet, from the mosque

... and now the sky had darkened

And I simply love these two pictures captured by my compact camera :)