Thursday, February 23, 2012


Surprisingly, there are similarities between Dubai Mall and Kuala Lumpur City Centre. If you are familiar with KLCC, you know that there is the Suria KLCC Shopping Mall, a Suria KLCC Park and from the park, people gather to admire the Petronas Twin Towers. That is what that you will find if you visit Dubai Mall. [Oh there was a Kinokuniya Bookshop too there.]

From the Metro station, we just walked to the mall. We did not want to wait for the shuttle bus and at the same time, we were excited to see and get nearer to Burj Khalifa. At the same time, we could observe a more modern side of Dubai which was very different from the earlier part of Dubai we saw in the morning.

a late lunch - Arab style

finally, I managed to get myself photographed in front of my dream car (dream on... )

If we have Aquaria in KLCC, they have Dubai Aquarium in Dubai Mall. Now I start to wonder why are there too many similarities between these two places. However, passers-by had the chance to enjoy the spectacular underwater view of the fish swimming FOR FREE. This was because the aquarium glass was actually put in a way for the people walking in the mall to see. I guess no one who would not be attracted by the FREE display (unless you work there) and in the end would pay the ticket to get into the Dubai Aquarium to see more. Hopefully there will be some other time for me to do that.

One outside, there were a lot of people, just lazing around or taking photographs of the Burj Khalifa and other beautiful buildings surrounding the park. I always saw the foreign workers doing that in KLCC Park but I myself did that when I was in Dubai Mall. Oh, I forgot I was once a tourist there.

NEXT POSTING: video of the Dubai Aquarium. Come back soon and you will be amazed.