Sunday, February 19, 2012


The second part of the museum was located underground. In this place, the visitors could learn about the daily activities of the Arab people of the country which might still be practiced in other parts outside Dubai. The statues put on display which depicted the locals were quite real and this was one section that I liked very much where you could experience staying up at night in the desert with if you look up in the sky, you could see stars twinkling from afar.

went droving in the museum

(my friend's) favourite pastime

One of my colleagues commented on how dark my skin had become when I came back to school and when when I look at this picture, only I realize that she was not joking actually.

a more modern type of exhibit
[something to do with the government and the King]

We spent quite some time there but it was a place worth visiting. Should be one of the must visits for tourists in Dubai. I came out as a more knowledgeable person than I was before, [hesitation] I think.