Sunday, February 12, 2012


I finally understood why Mr. Razib had taken all the trouble to have a brief stop at a shopping mall named Villaggio even though we had very limited time to spend and a plane to catch. It was one of the most beautiful shopping malls I had ever been to.

I had no time to visit the shops in the mall but once I stepped foot inside, I was suddenly transformed into another world. It was like buildings inside another big building. "Villaggio" is actually an Italian word which means "village" and the beautiful interior architecture and design had successfully created a feel of walking in a small and peaceful village with blue sky on top.

There was even a channel inside the mall with a gondola, operated by a gondolier, and you could experience Venice if you were willing to pay. I guess this would be an excellent place to escape the intense heat for the Qatari once in a while.

the ambassador for Carrefour in the making

It was a quick tour but I was happy enough to see such a breathtaking scenery in a mall. And that concluded my two-day trip to beautiful Doha and Qatar.

Starting tomorrow, the entries will be on the next destination: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). I wonder whether you are getting excited or am I boring you already?