Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today, the teachers, students, staff and a few committee members of the PTA were gathered in school to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]. Praise be to Allah for the good weather throughout the whole event.

Preparation: putting up the tents and preparing the food the night before

People gathered in tents at the school's assembly area - listening to the reading of the holy Qur'an, nasyid [religious songs] performance by Zayyan group and lastly, the Maulid's talk.

the children and parents who performed "aqiqah" were presented with souvenirs

the feast and the activities after

Congratulations to everybody who had contributed directly and indirectly in making this event a success. I also have to congratulate the students who had come and LISTENED to the talk delivered by our own Ustaz Mohd. Rifqi Myiddin as there was a lot than could be learned. However, the concluding part where the speaker recited the "doa" [prayer] was the most touching and it was hard to refrain oneself from crying if she/he really listened to the most sincere words from deep down a teacher's heart.

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