Friday, February 17, 2012


We finally found Dubai Museum, with the help of the map as well as a few strangers along the way. When we arrived, there was a stream of tourists queuing up at the entrance.

The first part of the museum was the display of items which included a canon, a well and a few fishing boats. Dubai, similar to Doha, started as a fishing port so the narration of the history of fishing was quite elaborate (you will see later in the second part).

a water tank made of wood

We experienced a few minutes of living in a traditional Qatari tent. This was actually a house built of palm tree branches and fibres. The word that I could think of to describe the house decor would be "minimalist" but it looked really comfortable and airy.

Those exhibits were found on the "surface" but there were more to see underground which you can see later in Part 2. Don't forget to come back soon.