Saturday, February 11, 2012


I decided to watch this movie after reading the short synopsis and the brief trailer on the Net. This was not a blockbuster film so publicity was not done widely. Surprisingly, the movie was REAL good, something that would come out from John Grisham's novel.

A cop was framed for stealing a HUGE diamond. He planned his escape with the help of his brother, his brother's girlfriend and also his own father. In order to prove that he was innocent, he had to steal the diamond which was earlier said to be stolen, cut into pieces and sold by him. And in their modus operandi, he had to shift away the whole city's attention by standing on the ledge and pretending to commit suicide by jumping off the building.

The movie was really thrilling yet entertaining. There was no dull moment from the start right until the end. At least, it was not done with too many CGI effects. Unfortunately, it did not get very good reviews from what I have read on a few websites. It is still a movie worth watching.