Monday, February 6, 2012


This was another spot along the Corniche which was very picturesque and the skyscrapers were more evident from this angle. There were two motivational words: "REALIZE" and "THINK", and another Arabic word which I am yet to ask my school "ustaz/ustazah" for its meaning.

People simply came here to enjoy the breathtaking view as well as to pose in front of these words. I think this is something that we should have in our country - it is something simple but significant in its own way.

my friend, Mr. Razib, the host cum the tourist guide

with Fakaruddin, the taxi driver from Kerala

oh please stop monkeying around!

and we found one more word separated from the three earlier a distance away

[please ignore the other model on the letter "C" who tried to compete,
just focus on the letter "i"

I am picturing myself sitting one of the benches after retirement, reading and looking at the sea faraway. To be frank, I don't mind doing that. I miss Doha already.