Saturday, February 4, 2012


The earlier plan was to visit the Museum of Islamic Art, the while building that was on the background. Unfortunately the premise was closed on that day so we just stopped at a spot nearby. This was one end of a stretch of a curved land overlooking a beautiful turquoise ocean with boats floating on it, and a blue sky and glittering skyscrapers in the horizon.

a new book cover - "The Pearl" by John Steinbeck :)
"The pearl is evil, Kino" suddenly I remembered a line from the novel.

the spiral minaret was another landmark of Doha

The sun was shining brightly but the blowing wind was in fact very cold. So I was actually put in two extreme situations and you could see that expression clearly on my face.

Wish I could just stay and observe the scenery longer but there were other places to visit - and another spot of the Corniche as well.