Friday, June 22, 2012


front view
When I was browsing through the pictures in the folder on my PC, then only I realized that there was something from my trip to Washington D.C. that I forgot to publish. Let me now present to you the amazing SMITHSONIAN CASTLE (a.k.a Smithsonian Institution Building), one ancient structure that appeared in the midst of other modern buildings surrounding it. To me, it looked like Disneyland from far away.

It was not actually a castle even though it was originally designed as such. This huge building was the administrative building for the Smithsonian Museums and it was opened to the public. There was some items on exhibit that I saw on the ground floor. However, I arrived there quite late and the place was about to be closed in approximately 20 minutes. Hence I spent more time outside admiring the beautiful architecture, wondering if I was in one of the fairy tales.

There were also two other museums attached to the building but they were already closed by the time I discovered them.

rear view
Like a fairy tale, just by observing this spectacular castle had made me feel I would live happily ever after.