Thursday, June 28, 2012


There was this railway museum right opposite the CN Tower. Why was the museum located there and not other place in Toronto? If you have read my previous posting on CN Tower, you might be able to relate the relationship between the two. The company that was responsible to erect the communication tower was none other than the railway company itself, Canadian National - hence the acronym CN that was put to the tower's name.

Here, you could see things related to the railway such as the locomotive and the coach, the railway station complete with a short railway track etc.



Another Toronto's important landmark that is situated just beside the tower was Rogers Centre. It is a stadium where people come to watch baseball matches especially when their favourite team, the Toronto Blue Jays, is playing.

That was only the small part of Toronto that I managed to cover during my first day. There's still a lot to report. Or am I boring you already?

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