Friday, June 15, 2012


This was the second museum visited on my third day in Washington DC. There were just too many school children flocking the place it started to look and sound like an amusement park. Nevertheless, the exhibits here were really impressive - everything that you can see in the sky and beyond. All the things that I used to see in encyclopedias, magazines or National Geographic's documentaries came alive in front of my very own eyes. There there were: space capsule, rockets, satellites, real size biplanes and the list was endless. And the best part, everything was free. In fact, most of the museums here in the National Mall did not require any entrance fees. I managed to watch a short 3D movie at the iMax Movie Theatre entitled "Air Racer" because I desperately needed a short break but the whole thing was worth the USD9 that I paid for the ticket.

Again, one would need the whole day if he is interested to really study all the items put on display but he sure will be a knowledgeable person once he comes out of the museum, for sure.

at the entrance lobby
people: outside and inside
the history of the first plane
rockets and spacecrafts


space exploration
earlier war planes
more modern planes