Saturday, June 9, 2012


This is an American house situated somewhere in Sterling, Virginia which is about an hour's away from Washington DC, by bus. Basically it has three levels so you have to be fit enough climbing up and down the stairs everyday. There are three bedrooms with four bathrooms, two full bathrooms while the other two half (It id s half bathroom because it does not have a shower stall, if you re wondering what it means). It is a very practical living area with a lot of space for a small family.

the main hall
the kitchen area
the backyard
barbecuing in the backyard
the ground floor
On the ground floor, there is a small study. There are also a treadmill, a big screen TV and a keyboard/piano in the room so I would consider that as a place where you can work and play and I like this section of the house very much because it made me feel I was at home. That was the bed I slept in when I was there and I sure am going to miss that spot.

One thing I noticed about the house is that there were a number of store rooms and built-in cabinets so many things could be kept inside them, unlike the houses in Malaysia. As a result, the house looks neat all the time. but still the compliment should first go to the owners who have made the house not only beautiful, but also a comfortable and warm place for the family and visitors as well.