Tuesday, June 26, 2012


[a short break from postings of my previous trip to USA and Canada]

Here  are the essential steps in organizing a photography session:
(it is not as easy as you think)
1. discuss with the teacher-in-charge of the school magazine. fix the date and time for photography session as well as the venue.
(originally it was planned to be done during the Teachers' Day celebration but it rained heavily on that day)

2. discuss with the Principal. see whether he is available on the selected date and if he agrees with the concept chosen (theme colour).
(theme: blue)

3. get a photographer and set the date and time.
(managed to get an ex-student to do the job)

4. tell the teachers about the photography session and what to wear.
 (don't be surprised to see a few turning up with different colour dress or shirt)

5. carry out the session as planned with the help of the students committee members.
(as the session was done in the hall which was not as hot as outside, the event went on quite fast)

the observers

almost done
my ex-student cum photographer of the day
Everybody deserved a pat on his/her back.

Wait for the official photo from the professional photographer. Soon.

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