Friday, June 8, 2012


with Solleh, at Toronto Pearson
International Airport, before leaving
Finally I arrived home after spending 4 days in Virginia/Washington DC, 5 days in Toronto and 2 days in Amsterdam (on transit) and at the same time realizing that the 2-week school holiday is almost over.

I would like to thank Mr. Mohd. Solleh Kamal Afandi for being the host and tourist guide throughout my stay in Toronto. Thanks also to the his housemates, Mr. Syahmi and Mr. Hussaini, for letting me stay in their apartment. And not forgetting the other two friends, Mr. Rizal and Mr. Asyraf, for cooking and sharing their surprisingly delicious dinner.I had a great time there and definitely had experienced new and exciting things. When will I see Canada again?

I will post all the stories and photos later and I must tell your beforehand, the entries will be endless and take weeks to complete. To those interested, do not forget to visit the blog later.

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