Thursday, June 21, 2012


The journey then continued. I took a bus from Washington DC Union Station which left the building by 12 midnight and it would be 11 hours long. Thank god I could sleep throughout the night and woke up an hour before the bus stopped at a small town called Bath in New York at 6:30 a.m. Every passenger got off the bus, either to stretch or to get their coffee. (Everyone seemed to drink coffee in this part of the world.) There were also large trucks stationed at the parking space so I guessed this was some kind of rest and recuperate (R&R) area.

The bus moved after 30 minutes was another town called Buffalo, New York where a few people alighted from the bus and a few others got onto it to continue the trip to Toronto. And at almost 12 noon, the bus finally arrived at Toronto Central Bus Station ending my 12-hour road journey. I managed to record a few videos while on the bus: the countryside and Buffalo town (and there was not a single buffalo to be seen).

You might want to know the route taken for the bus trip. When was the last time you studied Geography?

a bigger map of USA and Canada
zooming in
24-hour Subway restaurant
my DC-Toronto bus
the quaint town of Bath
the kiosk
where's the real building?
people still deep in slumber
R&R station

longer and bigger trucks
truck drivers flock together
someone's backyard