Monday, June 25, 2012


I think it is high time for us to have a world class museum in our country. We have interesting history to tell not only the tourists but also the younger generation. Our present National Museum needs to be upgraded. I wonder if the government decides to come up with a multi-million project for a museum, will it be politicized by people.

Anyway, we had to go out of the building as it was about to be closed. I think I need to join the sleepover at the museum programme that the museum has (or is that only for school kids?) then only I can spend more time.

beautiful interior decor

stones and gems
I want to have the 
miniature china, just
like those, on the wall of
my house
china and ceramics
exhibits from Egypt

an art piece made of rings
of aluminium cans
the signboard
the tourist and the guide
It was yet another educational visit and by now, I have already become the learned one.