Monday, December 10, 2012


W E D D I N G    # 1 : 

Sunday, 9th December ~ The first wedding of the way was between two schoolmates, Nurul A'in and Azrul Izwan. Up until now, we have quite a number of ex-students who got married of their own alumni. Nurul A'in was from SPM batch 2006, while bridegroom was her one year senior. And A'in really made sure I received her invitation card with messages via a friend and on Facebook.

W E D D I N G    # 2 :

The second wedding was of Khairul Izzuan's who was from SPM batch 2004. However, he was not choosing someone from the same school. I was there quite late, at almost 4:00 p.m. and to my delight, there were not many people anymore. This made it easier for me to get myself photographed with the bride and bridegroom.

the bridegroom's brother, also my student

This photos were taken when Khairul Izwan and his two other friends, Zabidi and Firdaus, came over to hand over his invitation card to me a few days before and then we went out for dinner/supper. And some people had the determination, instead of just posting on Facebook. 

Thanks for inviting and thanks for the kind thoughts.