Monday, December 17, 2012


I am no Lord of the Rings fan. I only watched the last film of the saga. However, I would never reject an invitation to a good movie. 

Even if you never watch LOTR, you should not worry as the film is the story that happened at a time before that - it is a prequel. A hobbit was asked to join the other characters in order to get the home that was taken by the dragon. In the end, the Hobbit proved that there was a warrior in him and it was not a mistake for him to join the group even though the group members and he himself had doubt about it. There would be a lot of violence and fighting scenes which I personally think were not suitable for young viewers. You have been warned!

This is a must-watch movie for LOTR die-hard fan, or people who like dwarfs and elves, magic and myth, witches and dragon, and other things related. For one thing, the pictures are beautiful so this should be some sort of a promotion to visit New Zealand.

I was expecting a happy ending to the whole thing after sitting there for almost 3 hours and to my disappointment as well as everybody else, we had to come back for part two to see the conclusion.  Now, how long do I have to wait for the second part?