Monday, December 24, 2012


1st December ~ Can you travel around the world in just one day? Yes, you can if you visit Window of the World in Shenzen, China. This is the major tourist attraction of the city and in this place, prominent buildings and landmarks (including waterfalls) from all over the world are reconstructed in smaller scale.

the front part of the park

the pyramid is actually the subway station

When we arrived there, it was sunny and it was the only sunny day that I could recall. At one point, it got warmer most probably because of the endless walking around the park and I didn't need my cardigan anymore.

view at the entrance

The first landmark that we saw was the Borobudur from Indonesia. Even though it was built in a much smaller size, it was done according to scale I supposed. The miniature building had very fine craftsmanship when we inspected the wall and statues at close proximity. The people who were responsible really had to measure everything accurately so all the bits and pieces of stones could attach and fit to each other well.

This was another beautiful landmark from India (that I could not remember its name) that could be found here. I wonder whether the original one is of the same size or is the imitation smaller?

welcome to Thailand

The place was divided into different continents. To be able to go around the world and not miss a single thing here, you would need to spend a lot of time. You should start your visit early and be the last to leave the park.

There were sign boards that provided information to the visitors. At a few spots, there were also audio  recordings or music from the countries from where the buildings originated being played on loud speakers to assist people who would be hungry for new knowledge. However, the place was really big and there were too many things to see so we spent more time observing rather than reading or listening.

checking the map while having a short rest

T O   B E   C O N T I N U E D . . .