Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Once in a blue moon, there would be old friends coming to Johor Bahru. And I would be very happy to have the chance to meet and entertain them at least by introducing the authentic Johor food. I am not actually THE person to ask when it comes good eating places in town so I would just take these people to places I myself like.

Last night, my friend from Kuala Kangsar, Mr. Fairuz Leman, who is currently teaching in MCKK, came to Johor Bahru with his family members. We were together in UPM during our undergrad days. 

They are here because they are going to spend a day at Universal Studio Singapore today. Quite a number of my friends from Kuala Lumpur and other parts of the country have been there but I am yet to decide when I should go.

we are family
They are staying in Tune Hotel so I went to fetch them and went to Kampung Melayu which is actually quite near to my house. As usual the recommended food would be Murtabak Kampung Melayu, Young Tau Fu and Mee Rebus Johor, as well as otak-otak and a new discovery even for myself: pepes ayam. I do hope they had enjoyed the food here that might not be found somewhere else.

BFF forever

Actually, on the same day and at the same time a week before, another old friend from UPM, Puan Rozana Sani, with her family members were here. The same thing happened - went to pick them up at Tune Hotel and took them to Kampung Melayu. I wanted to go to the same food court that I had introduced to Mr. Fairuz but unfortunately, the stall was not opened. So I had to take them to another spot nearby which was busier but the food recommended was almost the same, except they did not get the murtabak but they managed to sample the special ABC. They were here mainly for the Legoland trip, another attraction that I am yet to visit. (So near yet so far away) By the way, you can read Pn. Rozana's trip to Legoland by clicking HERE.

Thanks for coming everybody and hope to see you all again some other time if you are in JB.