Thursday, December 27, 2012


"I was a little surprised by Mr. Robinson's swearing, especially the F-word.
I'd only said it once and Mum had scrubbed my mouth out with a bar of soap."
(page 41) 

This was the first book I picked from the long list of titles bought from the Big Bad Wolf sale last week and started reading when I was on the train on the way home to Johor Bahru. I was glad because I had made the right choice. The book was good and I had to put off doing other school work as I had to finish it, I just didn't care.

This book is an autobiography of someone by the name of Billy Brown. He was known as a mischievous boy living in the post World War ll era in the United Kingdom. At a very young age of 7, he started working early - either working part-timely, selling bricks or metal scraps from demolished buildings that were bombed, or doing business with people in the neighbourhood selling firewood that he managed to collect by breaking the boxes that were used to ship fruits and vegetables. He did not do well in school but he was a very successful entrepreneur as his business flourished. Despite his young age and innocent mind, his parents were disciplinarians but supportive and he was brought up with good manners and he did mind his p's and q's all the time - and I think he was the most polite boy I had ever known in history. All the money that he earned or taken away by his mother when he misbehaved was deposited in the post office savings account and was handed over to him when he turned 16, to his surprise.

There are too many good things to tell. You have to read this book then you will know why all the compliments. As for me, it reminded me of all the pleasant things that I had experienced during my childhood - how I wish I could turn back the clock. *sigh*