Friday, December 21, 2012


Thursday 20th December ~ I really wanted to go to KL, to go to the Big Bad Wolf sale and buy my books. And someone wanted to tag along so that would make thing better. We arrived at The Mines Convention Centre after taking a taxi from TBS, and the taxi rate in Kuala Lumpur was much much higher than what we have to pay in JB.

When we entered the hall, there was a sea of books. Books, books, everywhere. One good thing, there were not many people around, most probably because it was a working day so browsing around the place posed no problem at all. The only problem was that there were too many books that choosing what you wanted to buy might become a challenge. The concept of never judge a book by its cover could not be applied here.

The biggest excitement, however, was when I got to see my old friends who were there to shop for books. It was just like a mini-reunion. (READ: Birds of a feather flock together). Even though it was just a short "hi" and "bye" session, we were just excited to be able to meet and take photographs. The most suitable time for the group's next gathering would be during the sale and I think we could get more people to come.

an ex-coursemate's husband cum ex-collegemate,
and an ex-student (just too many ex-es)
And I also met an ex-student there too from SPM batch 2009 when he called me. *famous* What a small world.

catch of the day


on our way out

I was really glad that I went to the Big Bad Wolf sale. And for all these books, I just had to pay RM168. My next mission: trying to read all the books next year but I am not complaining. I have started reading one already when I should already start doing my schoolwork.

When I retire from work later, I am going to buy more books and read all of them. *my earliest retirement plan*