Friday, December 7, 2012


29th November, 1st day ~ After checking-in at the hotel and asking for directions from the staff at the front desk, we started our exploration of the city and the first destination was Avenue of the Stars. It was like only 5:00 p.m. but it got dark really fast in winter.

The stretch of avenue is situated somewhere near Tsim Tsa Shui, and overlooking the facade of the buildings on Hong Kong Island. People come here basically for two reasons: The first one is to admire the beautifully and brightly lit skyscrapers at night (if they go there at night, that is). However, when we were there, it was windy, rainy and foggy. As a consequence, the view was not as spectacular as it should be when the sky is clear.

By 8:00 o'clock we saw a lot of people crowding the spot where we could find the big statue and Shafiq was telling that the Symphony of Lights show was about to start. So we waited for a while and again to our disappointment, we could not witness the breathtaking show of lights and laser as it was too foggy. The show should be dramatic in a way, with the movements of multicoloured lights and laser beams on the tall buildings would be synchronized with the music to tell a story to the audience. I guess we have to come here again some other time just to see the show.

The second reason people came here is most probably to pay tribute to the artists who have contributed to the development of  Hong Kong's film and music industry. There were statues and the most prominent one would be of Jackie Chan. On the ground, there were palm prints of famous figures and we could find the palm prints of Jackie Chan. (Who didn't love Jackie Chan?)

Despite the drizzling rain, there were still a lot of tourists hanging out at this area. Similar to them, we were busy with our cameras, trying to capture the best spots possible.

We had to make our move and we then tried to find our way to our first night market which Hong Kong is renowned for.